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Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Language of Instruction: English Housing Options: Hotel
Minimum GPA: 2.5 Click here for a definition of this term Class Standing: 2 - Sophomore, 3 - Junior, 4 - Senior
Program Description:


South Africa is emerging as an important player in the continent. As newly emerging country to build democracy and economic justice it continues to encounter resistance for change from all sector of its society. The colonial enterprise responsible for keeping the society segregated and unequal will be assessed. The course explores the tipping points that lead to multiracial democratic South Africa and try to understand critical legislations that help the country to a smooth transition to a civil society. The countries model for transition to a just and multiracial democratic society will be explored and analyzed with respect to other comparable nations with in Africa. The paradox of democracy and poverty in South Africa’s experience will be examined in detail.  

As communities in South Africa shift from resistance to reconstruction and local economic development, new question being asked about the role of market, neighborhood organizations on local and regional  governments in the development process. The course will focus on how the new political transition in South Africa addresses the increasing interconnected political, social, cultural and economic issues. 

It also explore in what ways does democratic governance and sustainable development enhance the capacity of local communities to confront urban poverty and marginalization.

The course requires a field trip to South Africa in the summer. It is designed to relate theories learned in the class with the realities in the ground of South Africa.


The Study/tour course on South Africa is proposed With Six Specific objectives in mind:
  1. To introduce students to African communities in South Africa and their encounter with colonialism;
  2. To delineate and map the structure of inequality among communities and  social groups;
  3. To critically reflect on the role various political and civic organizations played in the development of South Africa
  4. To identify patterns of community resistance/action in response to apartheid and ongoing social issues, and to explore ways in which this can inform community mobilization in the United States;
  5. To understand the role Truth and Reconciliation played healing the wound of apartheid crimes;
  6. To explore the development of the South African constitution;
  7. To develop people to people friendship between South Africans and Americans, developing an increased sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Participants are required to participate in weekly seminars in advance of the trip. The seminars are designed to focus on the contemporary history of South Africa, social, political, environmental, logistic and cultural awareness issues. In addition to the general reading, material on the theme of the Study/Tour will be explored using available web sites, films and gust lectures. Students will be required to keep a reflective journal for the duration of the tour and after the trip is over then, expected to submit before landing for grades on the last day of the trip. No late journal is accepted.

Travel Dates
May 11-26, 2019 

       Estimated total cost: $3,675.00*

*The total cost does not include Stockton tuition.  

  • January 15, 2019       $500
  • February, 11, 2019     $1,000
  • March 11, 2019          $1,000
  • April 1, 2019               $1,000
All students are required to adhere to the above payment schedule, with deposits due on or before the payment date.

The Program organizer has no refund policy under any circumstances. Every student is required to follow the Program plan accordingly.

  • Airfare New York Airport to Cape Town and Johannesburg
  • Accommodation
  • Road transportation domestic and international flight
  • Meals (breakfast and some dinners are included.Notes:The total estimated amount of the abroad program does not include Stockton tuition. 
  • Payments are dues in a set of deposits, dates will be provided
  • Students on this trip are expected to carry one luggage of books to donate to the historically disadvantage of the two countries and Johannesburg and Addis Ababa area schools
  • Books without Borders will donate most of the books

Cancellation Penalty Schedule:
Each individual enrolled in the program receives permission to enroll and secures their seat via a required deposit. This effectively blocks off your seat, and prevents any other student from registering for it. This means that in case of a cancellation, beyond a certain timeframe, cancellation penalties may apply, for airfare, land, or both, as outlined in the contractual obligation between Stockton University and the program provider. As participants in the program, whose seats have been secured by the mandatory deposit, the cancellation policy applies to you as follows:

withdrawal up to January 30        $0 penalty
January 31 to march 11               $200 per person
March 12 to April 9                       $1,574.25 (75% of land)
April 10 and on                             $2,099 (100% of land)

Withdrawal up to February 1          $0 penalty
February 2 to March 27                  $100 per person
March 28 and on                             $1,201 (100% of air)

For more information about the program, the cost, or to register, please contact:
Contact Dr. Robert Barney
Office G-245 | P.: 609-652-4435           
 Cape Town, S.A.Office hours: by appointment only

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Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring 2020 11/03/2019 11/10/2019 TBA TBA