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Stockton University Study Abroad Program

Here at Stockton University, students are afforded the opportunity to expand their horizons on an international level, by applying to take a portion of their classes abroad. As a part of the study abroad program, you can apply to go all over the world, from Australia, to China, Spain, South Africa, Costa Rica, and more!  You can even spend a semester on a ship, docking into ports around the world.  To take advantage of this great opportunity, this website serves as the stepping stone to studying abroad!

From this website, you will be able to complete the majority of your study abroad application and check on the status of your application.

Stockton students login:
  • Log into your StocktonGoStockton portal account
  • Navigate to the Student_Life tab
  • Click the Application link on the Resources channel
  • Click Login/Register in the upper right corner of this window to complete the log in process.
Things to Remember
  • You must complete a paper course selection sheet, which will be brought to your advisor, academic advising, and student records.
  • You must also complete your provider's application abroad on their external websites.
  • You will need to be proactive about your study abroad application.
  • You will also have to attend a Mandatory Pre-Departure Meeting (for all prospective study abroad students.)
  • Please make an appointment with your academic preceptor to discuss your Study Abroad academic plan.
Travel Information
Questions or concerns? Email
For more general information, please visit us at